Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Memory...

Long ago (back in the 90's), a lovely lady named Jan O'Donohue opened The Scarlet Thread in Old Town Fairfax, right off the main drag.

A few years back, Jan passed away, and another lovely lady, Sarah Leigh Merrey, kept Scarlet Thread going in Vienna, again, right off the main drag - and conveniently located near a bus stop. I could actually get there under my "own" power! Last year, the rent on that space went crazy, so Scarlet Thread moved out to Great Falls. And then, as you know, the economy crashed. Luxuries for many fell by the wayside, and cross stitch and all its little necessities are luxuries, even though they seem like necessities to me. Last Saturday, June 20, was the store's last day. These are photos from the weekend after the closing was announced... it was such an inviting, come-in-and-see sort of store.

just inside the door

a peek around at the counter

into the next room...

... and tucked into the farthest corner

It was the best cross-stitch store for at least 100 miles (probably much further, but that's as far as I'm willing to try to get someone to drive me), and it will be sorely missed!!

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