Monday, June 15, 2009

Master's Monday - starting the program, Week 1

Okay, this week, I'm going to start working on my TKGA Master Level I - Hand Knitting. So far, I've made a copy of the packet and scanned it in (and put it on all my computers) so that if I lose my working copy - which can happen in my house! - I won't have to re-request them. I have a year from Monday, June 8, 2009 to complete everything, and by reporting weekly (an Idea I got from Marlene, aka Wovenflame), I hope that I'll be done by summer.

What I've actually done, to date:
  1. Read through the whole packet once to see what I actually need to turn in;
  2. Found my yarn (Patons Classic Wool) and needles (Clover Bamboo size 7);
  3. Practiced knitting ribbing, to get it even;
  4. Gathered together the books and articles I'm going to use as reference materials for the research portions;
  5. Done an outline (in my head) for the report, so I'll know what I'm looking for during research;
  6. Chosen my cable for the "choose your own cable" swatch; and
  7. Started to quietly freak out.
Yeah, I know, I don't need to freak out. Arenda was *so* helpful in the Basics, Basics, Basics class that I know I can do everything that's required. I just have to do it (and remember what I do, for reference).

So, here is the week one photo:

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