Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Diane, who is neither previously known to me nor related to me, knitted mitts for her SiL, Cathie. Now, this isn't unusual; people I don't know make mitts for other people all the time. What makes *this* particularly special to me is that she made them using My First Published Pattern, Simple Top-Down Mitts. And she got mitts out of them! (Yes, I realize that's the whole point of a pattern, but still. It seems like Magic right now.) Wheeeee!!!

Diane's project page is here [Ravelry link]. And she very sweetly allowed me to share her photo of her completed mitts:

Diane's Mitt, modeled by Cathie

Thanks for letting me know, Diane!! I'm all-to-pieces excited about this!!

ALSO: Okay, hitting everywhere with this one: Threadworks, purveyor of really lovely (!!!) threads for needlework, has started an online magazine.

IT IS REALLY, REALLY PRETTY!!!! 50 pages of full-color pretty. Patterns. Book reviews. Threads. Stitch instructions. Pretty.

All one has to do to get it is to sign up through the blog, Yep, you give your name and e-mail - something I tend not to do, but a Trusted Thread Friend raved about it, so I did (yesterday) and had the e-mail with the links to this lovely magazine - and my Joined-Before-March special gift - waiting for me.

May I just say? WOW.

And you don't have to print it out even, thus saving Trees and Postage and all that. But I totally printed mine, anyway, and will be getting a pretty little binder for it. Magazine ♥ Love!!

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