Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Challenge for the New Year - You In?

A lot of folks out there in internet-land have a resolution for 2010: "I will learn more knitting stitches!" So, to help y'all out (and because I own a ball of yarn bigger than my husband's skull, and need something to do with it), I give you....

The Monster Yarn Project

Here's the idea:

Find an online stitch directory - like http://www.knittingonthenet.com/stitches.htm - and knit every stitch in it in one project.

The patterns will be stitched over 20 stitches, with five-stitch seed stitch borders, with wiggle room. Each pattern will go for 20 rows (or nearest to full repeats, if necessary) Likewise, there will be four rows of seed stitch between each pattern, again with wiggle room as needed.

For example, Basketweave is (multiple of 8 +5), so two repeats are possible; one stitch of the left seed-stitch border turns into a pattern stitch. See?

Anyway, strips will contain from 12 to 15 patterns, which will yield 12 to 15 strips - or about the size of a twin blanket, if all goes well. Modifications and notes will be made as I go, and passed on in - hm - let's go with a "weekly" format, on …. Thursday. Yarn on Thursday will turn into Yarn on Thursday: Stitch Edition!

First strip will contain the following stitches (unless I decide it isn't long enough):
Basketweave; Basketweave II; Box Stitch; Broken Rib; Checks & Ridges; Chevron; Close Checks; Diagonal Rib; Diagonals ; Diamond Pattern ; Double Basket Weave; Double Seed Stitch
That's twelve roughly 20x20 swatches (with border!) out of worsted-weight yarn. We'll see if it's long enough to be a strip once that last stitch is done.

The great thing about the online stitch directory I found is that there are also seven border stitches to try, once the whole blanket-of-strips is assembled.

So.... anyone with me?


  1. I'm tempted, but i am snowed in at the moment, and won't be able to get out to get yarn to start until-ooh next week at least.

  2. Okay I'm in....I better get my resolution "to take pics of my projects" done also!!!!


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