Friday, January 29, 2010

Really, there's progress...

First, I'm not feeling so hot today, so I'm not actually posting Much Stuff Done. To alleviate any lack of nifty finished item photo content here is BUNNY!

I did get some stuff done this week, though. I wrote out (in picture form) a mirror-image of Alana's original pattern for the fifth (and final) block of the front of the Hello Kitty Scarf. Oddly enough, this will be the pattern - colors reversed - for the first square of the back of the scarf. The "back side" of the scarf will have the colors inverted from whatever's on the "front", plus be mirror-imaged - I'm hoping it will look like "oh, look, it's just knit so the image is on both sides, just mirrored".

I'm also trying to get a stripe-a-day during commute days done on the SmarTrip Scarf. This translates to about 4" a week, so it should be done in... um.... August. Which is the perfect time to wear a lovely, warm scarf in DC. NOT. By using one of the tricks I learned doing Masters Level I (yes, I'm still intending to turn everything in ... eventually...), I'm keeping the outside stripes all pretty. Here's what the inside looks like:

Hopefully, I'll feel better soon. I should at least have a report about my new stitching group (yay,!), assuming there really "isn't much snow" on Saturday!


  1. Cute!! I had to chuckle when you said (on my blog) that you surely had the same paper doll sweater! If you ever want the pattern to make your own, let me know. I could send it to you. :)

  2. Thanks, Marie-Jolie - but I'm certain my mother still has the leaflet/booklet. (The packrat gene runs strong down her side of the family!)

  3. That rabbit is priceless. Now I can go to sleep content! :)


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