Friday, January 8, 2010

Better photos of the panels thus far...

Here's photos of the first two panels of my Hello Kitty scarf, which is turning into a bigger project than I'd anticipated. Turns out that I'd like it reversible - which means once I knit the five panels going up this way (Hello Kitty, Smiley Heart, Flower, Smiley Star, Hello Kitty), I'm going to do the same five panels in the same order, with the colors inverted. I'm going to crochet the two scarves back to back and upside-down from each other, so if the correct face is up, there will be an illusion from either end of the scarf.

It's tempting to do the whole thing so it looks like the illusion on the front is the same as on the back of a particular panel - just mirror everything as I swtich the colors - but I also like the illusion-from-either-end possibility. I have a minimum of three more panels before it becomes an issue!

We'll see what I wind up doing!


  1. I never would have thought of doing something like that. Very cool.

  2. Illusion knitting requires so much concentration. Yours is looking pretty good there!


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