Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And so, a New Year begins...

Stephanie Pearl McPhee, the Yarn Harlot, has a set of end-of-the-year rituals that I have enjoyed hearing about for, well, years. I adore the idea that, at the end of the year, the house is clean, with everything in its place, all chores finished up. The notion that all the bills are paid delights me, as well as that every wallet and purse holds some money, and things that should leave the house have all left.. The dust of the old year is swept out the back door, silver coins are left so the light of both the old year and the new can shine upon them. After midnight, nothing is washed until the morning after next, and the first person in the door should be a dark-haired man bearing salt. This is how I remember it, and all of these are things I'd like to arrange one year - starting out a new year clean and fresh and tidy, with good omens and portents of my own making.

As I mop up the bizarre concoction that managed to acrobatically leap out of a bowl twixt sink and dishwasher, I once again have to admit that this is *not* that year.

Happy New Year anyway, and may you have a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2014!

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  1. If only MY new year would start the clean and tidy way! Hmmmm, maybe I'll work on it starting in 2015.


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