Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Filigree Lace "Scarf"

This is my second Filigree Lace Scarf, which I gave to my MiL for Christmas, in Polaris Aries. Here, the sequins were part of the yarn, and I only used the one. I added some extra yo rows to the edge, and it worked out beautifully. Blocked like a dream, was a good size for a shawlette. Used all but about an inch of yarn!

Note my Totally Fancy Blocking Board

I wish I'd thought to take a photo after it was done blocking... oh well!

I have finished a third one, which I managed to give back without getting any photo at all. It was made from Wolf and Phoenix cotton thread, one ball, in a pretty deep red/burgandy. The yarn was a gift from the recipient (hence the "gave back"; she wasn't expecting it, but it really was her color! As I'm a process knitter, I tend to give a bit away... if I ever finish it, that is!


  1. Now I know your favorite scarf pattern! Beautiful work! Did you take my blocking board?

  2. Lol! No, but it *is* quite elegant, don'tcha think? The orange logo sets off the indigo so well...


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