Monday, January 27, 2014

Serendipity and Jupiter

So, HPKCHC classes started January 1, and I had TOTAL SERENDIPITY. You see, on Christmas Day, as I rode to my in-laws, I crocheted a moebius scarf-like thing. My mother decided that it matched her jacket, having shades of blue and pink in it:

Exhibit A

so I needed to crochet another one for myself. At an after-Christmas sale (at Uniquities, I think), I got a lovely ball of Encore that matched the tones in my jacket (rendering it less likely to be absconded with).

So, January 1, as I rode the train into DC (for fun, thankfully, I didn't have to work on the first, and a big thank you to all the service, medical and emergency personnel who did!), I started making the same project for myself. Then, I logged into Ravelry to check what classes would be offered this term. I notice that my yarn happens to contain the EXACT SHADES of the photo of Jupiter that was posted with the Astronomy assignment! And it's super-fast to make - which is one of the options of that assignment!

So, crochet happened, and before too long, *POOF* I had a scarf that matched my jacket:


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