Friday, January 10, 2014

My New Favorite Shawl Pattern

Went on a bit of a shawl kick last year - mostly in November (thanks, Uniquities retreat!). So, a shawl.

First up: Caroline Hockenberry's "Filigree Lace Scarf". I've done three of these (so far), with another few on the way. I think this is my favorite pattern for something to show off the luxe yarns out there - or even simple yarns. Anyway...

This one is made from S. Charles Collezione Crystal and Luna. It's the first one I finished, and it's soft and fluffy and I think I blocked it incorrectly because it still curls a bit - so it's a throw-around=your-neck for pretty rather than a shawlette. (It could be the artifical fiber I used that was mixed in with the soft fluffy natural stuff. Yeah, it was probably that. I blocked it fine, it just didn't want to cooperate.)

I turned it in for Chamber of the Keys last term; it does look rather like wings, I think!

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