Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Use Your Right Beads!

These are beaded cross-stitch ornaments that I found when clearing out the house... rather, I found the kits, and there were shiny things in them, so I made them. (I'd just found the HibernaStitchatorium on FaceBook, and wanted to play along and be actually stitching something. Which eventually started me on beading... but I degress.

Anyway, here are the two ornaments finished, ready to have gilded loops and felt backing adhered to them:

Both are Mill Hill Beads kits, and I belive both are still available. Tannenbaum was fun...

... so I started the Clover. Which had beads that I thought were the same color as the ones from the Tannenbaum kit, and hey, they were, so I used them instead.

Only problem was the Tannenbaum beads were bigger... noticeably so if I'd bothered to notice. So, after a quick dash to AC Moore in hopes they'd have comparable beads to the ones I had half-stitched onto the perforated paper (they did!), I was able to finish it up.

So, moral of the story: Pretty Beaded Ornaments Are Fun, if you have a kit, USE THOSE BEADS!

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