Friday, January 6, 2012

Order Mission Request

Speaking about those BROOMs - I'm definitely doing a Central Command mission this time. There's a bunch of people doing the Radience shawl, and I found The. Most. Perfect. Yarn!!! for it - some "Galaxy" in the New Penny colorway. It is beyond gorgeous, and it will be such fun to knit up!

I did have just a wee bit of trouble, though, winding it up. Turns out you actually need to pay attention to your ball winder, and not just wind with one hand while holding a book you're reading in the other.


Here's my Mission Proposal:
Name: CraftyGryphon (aka Moira Hazard)
House: Slytherin, Sixth Year
Department: Central Command
Mission: #12 Grimmauld Place

To the attention of Chief IsisOnEarth:

I would like to apply for consideration for another Order Mission. As my proposed Order Mission last term was technically successful but personally went a bit... wrong (please see my file), it was decided at that time - how did my sister, Carrolon, put it? Oh yes - I'm not to be allowed "off my leash" again until I'm a bit older.

Therefore, I propose to knit a Radience Shawl, which starts in the center of the back (with a mere 5 stitches!), and then radiates outward (hm, that's why it's called "Radience", maybe?), increasing gradually into a lovely semicirle, with a lovlier ruffly edge! The pattern itself comes with a checklist version - which tells the knitter what to do for each row, and how far along (in %) the knitter is at any given point. I found the prettiest yarn - Wild Hare Fibers "Galaxy" in the "New Penny" colorway - which is just perfect for something called "Radience". Since it is a lace shawl and fairly simple, I should be able to finish it within the stated time frame as long as I'm good and stay in the Central Office and knit.(It's still a pretty big shawl, and there is a LOT of picot edging right at the end. I'm hoping I'm not biting off more than I can chew, but I think I'm up to it.)

I have to add that applying for this particular mission was mostly my sister's idea. She's a big fan of keeping me busy, which supposedly keeps me out of trouble, even though I was perfectly busy last term and the only trouble I got in was TOTALLY her fault, really. I think I'd be fine on another undercover mission. But since she and my new brother-in-law insist, I would like to request I be allowed to stay here at #12 Grimmauld Place this term.

Thank you for your consideration!

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