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Busy today, since I was late due to ice... so, here's my CoMC turn-in post. We were to study Quintapeds, and had the option of making the same pattern with another student, with inter-house "duels" encouraged. Sorry about the weird spacing; no time to fix it just now!

Hello, Professors! This is a joint Turn-in Post, documenting our Accidental Duel (of sorts). Please see the attached transcript of our Incident Interview - it explains everything.

Name: PeterRabbitFan
House: Gryffindor, First Year
Option: 3, Duel!!
Project Page: Broomstick Bookmark
Yardage: 27.5

Name: CraftyGryphon
House: Slytherin, Sixth Year
Option: 3, Duel!!
Project Page: Slytherin Broomstick
Yardage: 27

MP: All right, girls, explain one more time what happened. Please keep in mind that your words will be recorded. MP activates Exact-Quote Quill.

PRF: Well, I was out on the pitch. Just me, practice was over, but I wanted to work on elevation changes. Yawl and pitch are still giving me some issues. Flying is harder than sailing.

CG: I was up in the stands, minding my own business...

MP: Dropping eggs on your classmates. Yes, we know. We'll deal with that later, Miss.

CG: gulp Actually, um, I was doing my History of Magic homework, Ma'am? The eggs were part of my reseach?

MP: Later, Miss Gryphon. Back to what you witnessed, please.

CG: Well, um, I saw her (points at PRF) just sort of doing figure-eights over the field. Nothing really strange, typical newbie stuff.

MP: You didn't notice anything unusual? Or were you too busy targeting people exiting the stands?

CG: Um... I plead the fifth. Or eighth. Whichever. Anyway, suddenly she started gesturing wildly...

PRF: There was a wasp!

CG: ... and her broom just took off. I took off after her. (Shrugs.)

MP: It's unlikely there was a wasp in the middle of January.

PRF: It looked like a wasp. And I didn't have my wand out or anything! My broom just went!!

PeterRabbitFan's Broom

CG: And it kept on going. We were in the air for almost four hours, and it was really, REALLY cold by the time the broom decided to land!

MP: Luckily, you were both wearing your winter robes.

PRF: (Nods.) It helped with the landing, that's for sure.

MP: Now, now, your arm should heal quickly. It was a clean break, thankfully. STOP fiddling with your cast, dear.

PRF: Yes'm.

MP: So, you landed, albeit ungracefully.

CG: Tail-over-teakettle is more like it, Ma'am. Both of us. The brooms just stopped, and we kept going!

PRF: It did hurt. A lot.

MP: I'm certain it did. So, the brooms "just stopped"?

CG: Well, hers stopped, and I stopped next to her. I hadn't really realized how FAST we were going after so many hours, or I might've circled around or something. And then I was trying to figure out where the heck we were, since it was getting close to dark and I'd had trouble following landmarks and stuff. I'm American, so I'm not super-good at English geography yet. Although I'm pretty sure I saw Hadrian's Wall... that was pretty neat...

PRF: I had my eyes shut most of the time. I didn't want to fall off my broom!

MP: Of course not, dear. Now, what were you able to notice once you'd landed?

PRF: Welll, my arm really hurt, but saw everything was grey. I mean EVERYTHING. Grey, grey, and more grey.

CG: Every shade of grey. Lots and lots of grey.

MP: So, essentially, things were grey.

Both girls nod.

CG: She was actually the one the figured it out first. She really likes animals.

PRF: Well, I said "Gee, this is a pretty dreary place," and then it hit me, and then we saw them.

MP: Them?

PRF: The Quintapeds. There were four of them.

CG: They move really really fast.

PRF: And have A LOT of teeth.

MP: You actually saw Quintapeds?

PRF: Yeah! It was cool. There were two big ones - adults, I think - and two juveniles! They were hunting, in a pack! Like wolves, or dragons!

CG: Dragons don't hunt in packs.

PRF: Do too!

CG: Do not!

PRF: Do too!

MP: GIRLS! That will be enough of that. How were you able to escape??

CG: I accioed my broom - I think I was scared enough that I was moving darned fast myself. I just grabbed her (points to PRF) by the scruff of her neck, basically, and took off. Once we were up a ways, I accioed her broom. I put her arm in a sort-of sling with her tie, and tied her broom to my broom with mine. Since her broom had been acting weird, I kept my hand on the knot to release it if it took off again.

CraftyGryphon's Broom

MP: That was good thinking. What of the Quintapeds?

PRF: They weren't happy. They bark, did you know that? Kinda like dogs?

CG: Dinner escaped. They were totally going to eat us.

PRF: Ew. It would've been cool to watch them a bit longer...

CG: They totally would've eaten us.

MP: You're likely correct. Quintapeds are known to eat humans. Now, how were you able to find your way back to Hogwarts?

PRF: Eshaness Lighthouse. The sun was mostly set behind us, but there was SOMETHING that wasn't a star way over on thte horizon.

CG: She's farsighted, I totally couldn't see it. But she could, so I flew us towards it.

PRF: It turned out to be Eshaness Lighthouse. Once we actually knew where we were, it was easy to get to Lerwick. It's only about a fifteen minute flight, as the crow goes.

MP: Ah, yes, there is still a Portkey in Lerwick, isn't there? Yes, there must be. Goodness, I haven't been to the Shetlands since I was a girl...

CG: (Muttered under breath) Once she knew where she was, anyway...

MP: So, you were able to send an owl to your parents?

PRF: Yes, Ma'am. Well, first, we went to the police station, the one on Market Street. And we asked the officer at the desk if we could make a call.

CG: And then the nice witch came in.

PRF: Yeah, Miss Orgill. She said she'd seen us arrive, and that she'd help us find our parents.

CG: Except we totally knew that she didn't really mean that. Anyway, she asked us a lot of the same questions, and fixed her arm. And sent the owl for us.

PRF: She was really nice. She'd seen us fly over the first time - she's an orinthologist.

MP: Ah, a bird-watcher. That makes sense.

PRF: So, um, are we in trouble?

MP: (To PRF) You aren't, dear. Your broom is being examined, of course. Miss Gryphon, however, will have to see the headmistress.

CG: Stupid eggs.

MP: I heard that, Miss Gryphon. We'll turn the Quill off now.

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