Friday, January 27, 2012

More Bunny Nuggets: This means war!

So, my Snakes are a bit shocky: we came in DEAD LAST in Challenge Quidditch - something unfamiliar to us. (Hufflepuff has gotten FIERCE!) So, I've got to do my part and turn in as much regular quidditch as possible. To that end, a goodly handful of quidditch projects will take the form of Bunny Nuggets. Originally, I picked up the olive yarn because I had lots of it; now, as it turns out, it has spawned an IDEA. I grew up watching M*A*S*H, so the idea of Army Bunny Nuggets was born. Some will hearken to characters from the TV show; some will just be random Army Bunny Nuggets. Pictured here are the bodies of Sarge, Radar, and Padre. They'll look quite different once they have their proper wardrobes on:

I'm not sure how many Bunny Nuggets will wind up being in the Bunny Nugget Army - it will probably depend on how many not-Bunny Nugget projects wind up getting done instead!

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