Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Third Hat for January

I've wanted to make this Exact Hat for my DH to match a scarf I made him in January of 2009, but managed to lose the third ball of yarn in the week it took me to make his scarf.

The scarf in 2009

Over the Christmas holiday just past, while attempting to organize the stash, I FOUND IT!!! Woohooo!!

Hat, started Friday

For this particular hat, to make it actually fit DH, I cast on 64 st, then did 8-stitch base triangles and first squares, then 6-stitch squares, then 5-stitch squares, then 3-stitch squares, then 1-stitch "squares" at the top.

He loves it, and actually wore it the second I had finished it. HAT WIN!!

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  1. That's kooky. I've never tried entrelac. It's a gorgeous hat and lovely yarn.


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