Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yarn on Thursday: When Good Needles Go Bad

ARGH. Today's Yarn on Thursday: Stitch Edition is gonna be pushed back a week, due to Mental Trauma caused by one end of my 32", 4.5mm/7 circular needle SNAPPING OFF on the train last night.

See "A"? That rolled down the train car, leaving "B" to quickly pull itself out of 100+ stitches of my Rogue Hoodie. (I'm sure the other passengers thought I'd been shot, or something, the way I was reacting - luckily, my husband calmed me down and promised to Fix Things. Which he did by taking me to Fibre Space, planting me in front of Veronica, and not giving me grief about a new Hiya-Hiya 32" 4.5mm/7 circular needle, despite the current Lenten No Craft Stuff ban. He understands, it's an emergency.)

We'll go back to your regularly scheduled Giant Pattern Swatch Project next Thursday.

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  1. What a dear hubby. Hope there are no lasting ill effects


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