Friday, March 19, 2010

So, I'm making fantastic progress on the Rogue Hooded Pullover. As of the end of the weekend, I'd managed to knit enough that I could attach the top of my Kangaroo Pocket:

Wednesday evening's needle trauma...

...put me back a bit metally, since I 'lost half a commute' of knitting - except I then got that half-commute back, with new needles. Since my brain thought I was 'behind', I stayed up way too late. So, by the end of Thursday lunch, I'd finished the main body-in-the-round part, and I'd started knitting up the back/shoulder bits. And then proceeded to stay up way too late again (well, FlashForward was on, so that helped). Plus the commute in on Friday... so, as of right now, I'm here:

This means that by the end of the weekend (assuming I don't sleep through the whole thing in a histamine haze - tree pollen is really high right now), I may (gasp!) be ready to start the sleeves!!

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  1. Hmm... this post has no title whatsoever.

    How suspicious.


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