Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sweaters Being Bad, Part 2

There's a bunch of us doing the featherweight cardigan. I decided to do mine in laceweight yarn, so I am very, very behind everyone else (they're done, I'm not!). I decided, therefore, to start another one, and kick it up to Aran weight because (a) it would be faster and (b) Penny at the store has this really cool stars-and-stripes pullover she made out of Berroco RemixTM, and I wanted one. So, I figured out that the cast-on-60-stitches should work, and got this far:

...at which point, I ran out of yarn. The store was also out of yarn, and I really realy wanted to finish this for a class this month. So, rush order on yarn from jimmybeanswool.com, and the rest of the yarn arrives:

(along with some yarn to start a shawl like the one the Featherweight Cardi Instigator is doing - she gets me in more trouble...!), and by last Tuesday morning, I was this far:

It. Did. Not. Work.

That's not a cute, fitted cardigan. That is something approaching a late-50s/80s batwing monstrosity, which is not at all what I wanted. (Mind you, this is after having done one of the sleeves twice because the decreases weren't happening fast enough... now I know why. Sleeve was ripped before that photo.)

So, then came the realization that even steeking wasn't going to save this... it was ALL GOING TO HAVE TO COME OUT.

There may have been tears at that point.

Yes, that's intarsia. Yes, it is hard to frog.

I have since restarted the sweater, but I don't think I'm going to have it done by Sunday (and I didn't have it done by Memorial Day, which was kinda the point, sigh). So, there's that.


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