Thursday, May 14, 2015

Baby Surprise Jacket!

So, I tried to do Elizabeth Zimmerman's Adult Surprise Jacket [Rav link]. There is an instruction that says "keep the center stitch of the double-decrease constant!" This does not mean, evidently, keep the center stitch as the same # stitch (in my case, 80). That gives you weird, weird shapes. I didn't realize just how badly my shape was off until I was about halfway through the jacket. I had to frog the ENTIRE THING.

Not that the ASJ is a "normal" shape, but still.

So, I tried to do Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket [Rav link]. That went much, much better!

I was originally just going to knit it in green yarn leftover from my Enlightened Hoodie, but added some black.

Then it was a case of figuring out how to fold the thing: Figure A isn't it. It does, however, give a good idea of how the stripes will work. The cast-on edge is at the top of the photo, the final cast-off edge is at the bottom. You can see where I put the stripes:

Fig. A

Now, in Figure B, you can see how those same stripes are placed in the finished jacket. (And yes, the "surprise" is that this weird amoeba-yarn-thing actually folds into a jacket.) My first stripe started at what wound up being around the armpits.

Fig. B

I did add some stuff to the finished jacket: knitted buttons (knit a square. Run yarn around the whole edge, pull tight. Instant button!) and a collar.

I think it came out pretty great!


  1. Ooooo I love it. Where do I get a copy of the BSJ pattern? I've wanted to knit one for so long!

  2. Schoolhouse Press is the only source for the pattern (, unless your LNS carries it. The BSJ is also in a lot of other things [Rav Link], you may already have a copy and didn't realize it!


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