Friday, March 7, 2014

New iPhone Case - Done!

First, the photo of the finished thing, for those of you who want the final results fast:


I have an "ancient" iPhone 4. (It's actually my second one, the first having died as a result of the Great Toilet Water Hilarity last May.) Even though it now lives permanently in an exceedingly waterproof (and dustproof, shockproof and drop-proof case), I make cross-stitch iPhone covers for it. BECAUSE.

Anyway, the latest (not that I've finished the first two yet or anything) got started last December, and is the most likely to be completed as it's currently on my table and I can still find all the fiber necessary. It started because the internet gave me THIS:

NOT mine, someone else's, couldn't find whose, but it's lovely!

So I just had to make one. I found several versions, and am combining them - I love stars in the background, feet out, all that sort of thing.

Didn't have to hit the store, even!

Note: If you decide to stitch yourself a cover (any size item), I cannot recommend pearl cotton strongly enough!! I'm usuing size 5, one strand, for all the blue in the background and it's working like a dream! I only reached this epiphany because the first color blue I picked I just plain didn't like:

All Hail The Seam Ripper!

Here's where it was at the end of December:


I picked it up again recently, and kept going...

More Stars!

Unfortunately, the stars I did at first got in the way of the rainbow, so they had to come out.

Less Stars!

Luckily, that was pretty easy - so it was finished!

Just Right!

I really have to recommend one strand Size 5 Pearl Cotton for these cases - easier than floss (don't have to worry about railroading the stitches, stays flat), and the coverage is about the same. Anyway, I had it done in time to take along to the Woodlawn needlework show last weekend so I could show all my stitching friends. Hooray!!

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  1. I've given up on my waterproof phone case, because I just love this so much. Which may not be smart, but NYAN!!!


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