Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

As it's St. Patrick's day, and as I just happened to make my own March door decoration for the front of the house this year, I can share it today (instead of the usual blinged-out sparkly animated GIF from heck that I usually find for you).

Materials: one of those wire wreath frame things, a roll of super sparkly ribbon, and two strands of gold wire with shiny rocks. (I have no idea where the rocks-with-wires came from; the other stuff is from A.C. Moore).

Step one: cover wreath frame with ribbon by wrapping with a bit of overlap; tie bow. Discover you are COMPLETELY COVERED in grass-green glitter. As is the floor. And the chair. And your socks, which makes no sense, as they weren't actually exposed to said glitter.

Step two: wrap wire rock things around, keeping all the rocks on the "front" of the thing. Yes, more glitter happens. LOTS more glitter.

Step three: hang on fron door. To date (it's been up for three weeks), NO glitter is on the doormat, the doorsill... really, anything. Either all the extra fell off on me, or it's just waiting for me to accidentally brush up against it to deposit more glitter.

Step four, if you're my mother: add a tiny crocheted pot of gold, just because.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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