Friday, March 21, 2014

A finish! Just now!

Okay, I've backdated this post to yesterday, since it's supposed to be the Friday post, but it's actually 12:58 a.m. on Saturday. I have just finished a project that HAS to be done later today (Saturday) as I'm going to see the recipient. Since scheduling may get truly weird, I needed to have it done *before* attempting to sleep.

So, I stayed up until it was knit, did the finishing, took photos, and will hand it off. But first, I share with you:

As you can hopefully see, it's a Hello Kitty illusion-knit dishcloth. The recipient is TOTALLY into that beribboned feline, even more than I am (and you may remember that scarf I made. So, woohoo, an actual post REALLY INSANELY CLOSE to the time of finishment!! Slowly, I get back into the Blogging Regularly thing...!

Note: Because I gave the original pattern away, I had to recreate it for this dishcloth - but I *cannot* share it, sorry, as I do not own Hello Kitty. (Man, I would have SO MUCH YARN if I was in Sanrio's league, money-wise!)

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