Friday, August 31, 2012

And Crochet! I do that too!

The other thing I started this month was a small cotton bathmat. The fancy bathmats with the rubber backing just don't survive in my house (even the cute duck-shaped one), and I did manage to do a major cotton yarn haul at the Dollar Store last year. So, I found a really pretty crochet pattern: Simple Tunisian Bath Mat by Sarah Beaton. (It's possible I found the pattern first, and thought - "that's bloody brilliant!") I then got a fancy new hook:

(click on hook to get one of your own)

... and then I discovered I have COMPLETELY forgotten how to do Tunisian crochet. And I've got an entire SWEATER made out of Tunisian crochet.

Very sad.

Now I didn't have big-screen (over the size of an iPhone) computer access, but I had a new hook and yarn... so I decided to wing it. I still remember afghan stitch, so I got two orphan balls that kinda went together, and cast on the number of stitches I would have if I was doing the Tunisian crochet bath mat (which is still lovely and I'm totally doing one eventually), and I have gotten this far:

Totally the wrong background to shoot against.
The camera can barely handle the carpet, but the carpet and the yarn...?

If I can finish this one, I may well be on to something...

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