Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Knitting! Actual knitting!

Okay, time to start making things and putting together patterns. I had so much fun doing my little Pineapple Dish Cloth, and people were actually able to use the pattern and wind up with things that looked JUST LIKE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO. Plus, I need pattern-writing practice for Level II of the TKGA Masters (not that I've turned in Level I yet - but soon. I have three weeks before my deadline). Anyway, here's the beginning of the Diamonds Button-Up Cowl:

In other news, I'm doing a Student on Sabbatical term at Hogwarts, since there's some doubt I'll actually be able to finish three entire projects over the term. I just barely made it through my 7th year, plus lots of my snakie-peeps are changing houses, taking time off as well, etc. I'll still be hanging 'round the nest, but decided to get a new icon made up for the term I'm out:

I rather like it.

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