Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Really, I *am* knitting!

I am knitting something - have been for most of the month. It's a Blossoms from the Brook shawl, free from It's bottom-up construction - I got it because I was hoping, like StellaLuna, it would go from the cast-on edge of many-many stitches to one at the end, but no, not quite. But it *is* worked edge in - just differently.

The yarn is some lovely stuff, Tucker Woods Farm Handpainted Sock Yarn - Bailey's Twinkle Toes (which means it's got gold metallic spun in with the wool) - Loden (a pretty green handpainted colorway). It is soft, springy, and the closest thing I've found to my all-time favorite yarn (Wild Hare Galaxy). I give it an A+!!

I've just gotten onto Chart 2 of the design... oh, and did you notice the lovely green Signature needles? Yep, I finally own a pair of Signatures! (Size 6 40" circs, if you're curious.)

More on Friday....

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