Friday, May 18, 2012

This term, I'm trying Transfiguration.

Well, new term, new OWL attempt. I'm going for Transfiguration this time, and making a Stained Glass Window Afghan. I made my swatch (which, I guess, is now a Pillow Top) from leftover last-OWL yarn.

The yarn intended for this OWL survived the flood, mostly by virtue of having been tied tightly into plastic bags to keep it from getting separated and lost in the house until May 1.

These are the colors I chose, although some others may get added (same company yarn, same weight, just darker) to give a light-through-window effect. It might work, it might not, we'll see.

That's through Row 4, about to start the first bit of surface crochet. (Once that's done, the "blocks" look like tiny yarn shuriken.) I need to get past Row 13 for my 50% mark, so I've got to get hopping!

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