Friday, May 25, 2012

OWL Progress

So, over the weekend, I was able to get everything up through Row Six finished. (I have to do through Row 13 and the corners to be at 50%.) Here's how they looked about halfway through Row Five:

I then decided that no, I really really wanted to do the sun-through-window color & intensity gradation starting with palest in the upper left to darkest around the bottom and right borders. So, I needed to put in for approval to add more colors to my project (but otherwise not change the actual design or product.

Basically, I'm adding bright-bright yellow, orange and green, pastel peach and pink, and dark red and purple.

Here's one block up with Row Twelve started (thirteen will be dusky pink outside it). I think at least the pastel blocks are going to look phenomenal; I'm hoping the rest do, as well!!

Fingers crossed!!

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