Friday, May 11, 2012


Found a nice place to knit for much of the afternoon just outside the 4-H building. There was a conveniently-located traditional/Irish/Appalachian band to listen to, too! Had a nice view of everyone coming into the Festival, or leaving (and all the stuff they were leaving with!)

One of the big bits of fun was the HPKCHC meetup. It was nice putting names to faces. Mom had an event she wanted to see, so we didn't stay very long past 1, sadly. But it was fun while it lasted!!

This was supposed to be a shot of all the people taking pictures of all the people at the HPKCHC meetup. Instead, it's an incredibly short video. iPhone, I love you, but sometimes I don't understand you!

And of course, I got loot. I got a lot of comments on my "Please Don't Let Me Buy Any More Yarn" totebag, too. I'm definitely taking it to shows & conventions from here on out!

First, we got in line EARLY to get t-shirts and a totebag. I was also able to get a pin for this year *and* one from last year (I went, but didn't get pins because the line was ginormous)!

Then, it was on to wandering-through-everything. I knew what yarn I was going to buy from the get go, but the display at Fiber Optic Yarn stopped me in my tracks, because of this shawl:

The pattern's pretty close to Go Fly A Kite, but what got me was the yarn. It looks like it's ON FIRE. I got 2000 yards, and I'm going to design a Girl On Fire shawl with it. (I have the picture in my head, now I just have to figure out how to make it!)

I also got some vintage knitting needle ads (for wall decor), a LOT of music (Maggie Sansone, Walter Turpening), my first set of Signature needles, the 2013 Sheep Incognito calendar, and two hanks of BRIGHT chartreuse ribbon yarn. The Wild Fibers magazine was free, since Wild Fibers sponsored our bus trip. I also got a little pin ("Even if it DOESN'T move, crochet something for it"), and a big pewter pin ("Lost in Fiber Space").

Then, the What-I-Planned-To-Buy: two skeins of Miss Babs Yowza! in Fraser and Oyster to make my Catkin. And six lovely little pewter buttons for it (I'll be doing the six-button variation, clearly).

So... I didn't do *too* badly, all things considered. The most expensive single purchase was actually all the MDS&W gear, which is actually pretty good. Plus, we got surprise gift certificates at Nature's Yarns for going on the trip in the first place!!

Yes, I'll be on the bus trip next year, most probably!

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