Monday, May 21, 2012

Mini Sock Challenge - WIN!

So, the first round of Challenge Quidditch was a numbers-participation based one - the more Housemates that turn in a project, the more points for the House. (So far, Gryffindor appears to be WAY ahead.) I decided to do little tiny Superhero Mini-Socks (GL and Cap). They're on size 0 needles, using thin sock yarn left over from other projects, so they're actually 28st around (which can be my stitch count for MY socks on size 8 needles with worsted yarn!!) - they're real socks, just really small!

I started the Captain America sock early on Friday, and the Green Lantern on Saturday:

The actual sock part for each took about 4h total (yay for Friday Night TV and the All-Star Showdown & Race on Saturday!), and about an hour each for the duplicate stitch.

It's a simple toe-up sock with a short row toe and heel (the first kind I learned making my first socks, Nutkins; still my favorite because it's just SO darned easy!). That made the "where to change color" really easy (toe, heel, cuff!). I totally winged it on the duplicate stitch, figuring it out as I went. I think it worked well.

Now, if I can just finish my Plein Air Tote (more on that Wednesday), I'll be all set for May!

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