Monday, April 23, 2012

Mystery KAL - on Twitter!

Leethal Mystery Twitter Knit-Along

If anyone has 200-400 yards of lovely yarn that they want to use, but don't have a project, there's a Twitter Mystery Knitalong that started up on Friday. Every day, a new line of the pattern is revealed via a public page on Twitter (so you don't have to have a Twitter account to play) - or directly to your Tweetstream. Here are the important links:

Rav group (instruction post)
Rav Pattern page
The twitter feed (public; you don't have to be a Twitterer to see the online page)
the website (which points to all of the above)

I'm using the leftovers of my radience shawl for mine (and possibly some other yarn on the other end, we'll see.

The pattern calls for worsted or so, but I'm using something thinner. Since there has to be some cable cast-on between sections One and Two (whenever that happens), just doing 58 stitches instead of 29 won't work.


Here's the relavant bit from the KAL page:
Yarn: Weight/gauge is not important; worsted weight yarn or heavier is recommended - something with good stitch definition, either solid, semi-solid, or long, gradually changing, self-striping colorway. (A variegated yarn or self-striping with shorter color sections will hide the stitch pattern.) Section 1 uses approximately 20-30 yards, section 2 approximately 10-20 yards - you can use the same yarn for the entire piece, or change yarns when switching sections throughout the piece, at just some sections or every one. You'll need 200-400 yards for the entire piece, depending on yarn weight and final size.
I started with the 29 stitches, of course, and if it looks like I'll be able to double up later, I'll just frog and do that.

Also, note my clever use of a Freezer Pop Cozy to hold my tiny circs. It would work better if it was lined - the needles keep poking throuh the knitting!

I'm already a day behind (long story involving the house flooding for a fifth time), but it looks like it's gonna be fun!!

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