Monday, April 2, 2012

Defense Against the Dark Arts - OWL Exam Success!

So, last week was a horrid combo of lots of work, lots and LOTS of pollen, and trying desperately to Not Fail my DADA OWL exam. I have survived, and the blog will be back to regular M-F updates for the foreseeable future (ie, until the end of next term at the end of July.) Here it is, finished, the Tree Skirt of DOOOOOOM.

OWL - Defense Against the Dark Arts, Option 2 - Tree Skirt Invisibility Cloak
Proposal submitted post 409, pre-approved post 580, approved post 865
50% OWL - turned in post 564, accepted post 676

100% OWL - turned in post 367!

Hello, dear Examiners!

IT IS FINISHED! Originally, I was hoping we'd have a nice snowy winter with storms well into march so I could hide in a snowbank near some bushes and blend in. Oh well, not the case, and not really the weather at all for a nice, heavy cloak - but here it is!!

Completed DADA OWL in Tree Skirt Form

Completed DADA OWL in full-circle cloak form (neck to knee proof)

Completed DADA OWL rendering me completely invisible

I expect to officially use it mostly in Tree Skirt form, more or less. It will go well with my white-with-synchronized-lights Christmas tree this year!

Whee! Done!!!

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  1. This is so beautiful and will make an awesome tree skirt!
    I hope you take pics! Can't wait to see it!


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