Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Freezer Pop Cozies

So, I needed two really fast projects for the end of Quidditch. I grew up loving freezer pops (and still do); and wrapping a paper towel around one just never cut it. Years ago, someone made a Fla-Vor-Ice cozy for fun, and I immediately favorited the project. And now, finally, I have an excuse to make one: 15 Points for Slytherin!!

Seriously, they’re easy, and having rigorously tested it, I can say that it does, indeed work.

My fifteenth and final regular Quidditch project for this term: Another Freezer Pop Cozy! Woohoo!! This one vaguely resembles a bunch of daffodils in a field under a blue sky. Or something. I was really tired when I finished it….

And DONE!! 225 total points for Slytherin (plus 45 for three challenges). YAY!!

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