Monday, July 11, 2011

Care of Unmagical Creatures

I have actually been knitting quite a bit - all washcloths, lately. They're small, portable, and I can fit four balls of yarn in my purse and they don't weigh all that much! So, if a class can be made to fit a washcloth, I'm trying to make it happen.

For Care of Magical Creatures, we could start on the Christmas knitting, so I did. Most of the women in my family (whether they want them or not) will be getting little cotton washcloths, and, if there's enough yarn, little facepoofs to match. (Looks like one ball of Lily Sugar n' Cream nets two washcloths, and *maybe* one facepoof if I'm lucky. Here's the first set, turned in for class:

For Muggle Studies, I had the option of (being a Slytherin) reading through The Green Fairy Book and crafting something to represent a story from it. To my delight, it contained the tale of The Enchanted Snake!! For the HoH Challenge for July, we were also to attempt, for some class, to find a Gryffindor to stalk, and make a project of theirs that fit. I found a wee Gryffie with a perfect project to try: a dishcloth with a big giant "S" on it. Which, if done in green, winds up looking like this:

That's likely it for classes, although I have some ideas for Arithmancy, DADA... oh, heck, for all of them, but OWLS, Quidditch and Tour de Fleece come first!

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  1. I hope my mom is making me some cotton dishcloths this year. She usually does, but she slacked last year.
    I'm surprised that letter S came out looking so clear! Nice.


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