Monday, August 24, 2009

Masters Monday, Week 11 - Delaying Tactics?

Hrm. Well, last week didn't quite go as planned. I never did quite get around to weaving in my ends, but at least I figured out why: I've got the identifying tag for each swatch attached via the tail that needs to be weaved in. So, I really need to get going on making my tags first, it seems. So, this morning, I made up a set of labels for each swatch for the "back side" of my cards. I opted for large, brightly-colored index cards as my tags, since the information I needed to put on my "Basics, Basics, Basics" tags barely fit on the tags I had - and I need more information on there this time around!

I also churned out Yet Another copy of what I needed on each tag, swatch by swatch. Cast on, rib, pattern, increase, decrease, cast off. That sort of thing. (Yes, that is what I knew I needed to do last week, but didn't.)
ID tag:


Actual Informative Tag:

Y'know what? It would've been SOOOOO much easier if I'd just made up this tag template first. This tells me what references I'll need for each swatch, right there, in an easy-to-not-panic-about format. I can look at my swatch, see what I did, and jot in the reference(s) I used for each thing. By the time I've gone through the references for my tags, I'll have 70%-80% of my questions done as well. Why, oh why, didn't I think of this at some time other than "Monday morning, at work, when I can't possibly look at my knitting?"

In addition, I noted that it says, specifically, that swatches should be in TOP-loading pages. I got some side-loading pages, since I thought that would be safer - but I've heard again and again that if the directions say to do X, do X or else! So, I'll use my lovely side-loading pages for my questions, etc., since it doesn't say that *those* need to be removed easily.

I was also bad - I renewed my library books. I now have two more weekends with them, and THIS time, I'm going to get everything done!!

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  1. It might be considered delayed tactics, but it's further ahead than you were last week. PLUS it made you check the instructions to see that you need to pick up top-loading sleeves. That's an important pre-submit realization!


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