Thursday, August 30, 2007

LOTV, take II

Well, after all the excitement of One Whole Pattern Repeat finished yesterday, I decided at lunch that I could do better. I'd figured out the pattern, I'd figured out a few tricks, and I would, in fact, notice all the imperfections in what I'd already done.

So, I unraveled the shawl back to the garter-stitch base, and started over. This time, my nubs are even, the edges all have a little knit stitch running up the edge (so elegant! makes such a difference), my tension is much more even and - in just about an hour - I have 15 of the 28 rows knit back already, meaning I'll be back to where I was by the end of tonight's commute... and I am much, much happier with my Lilly of the Valley shawl.

In other news, I joined The Secret of the Stole knitalong (link in the list to the right). That wonderful yarn I found at Stitch DC will be used, and it will be my first adventure in knitting with beads (I'm going to use the crochet-as-you-go method, because stringing beads first.... well, it just wouldn't happen, I wouldn't string enough, and I'd wind up crocheting beads on anyway). Wheeee!

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