Monday, August 27, 2007

Knit happened.

Progress in the world of knits (and pictures sometime later this week).

1. The Lilly-of-the-Valley Shawl (From Lace Style, and the knit-along) finally somewhat "clicked" in my head. One - the nubs? Stitch them VERY VERY loosely, or you need a size 0 metal crochet hook to get the bloody things p5tog'd. Two - somewhere, I have about two hundred stitch markers for my very small needles. You'd think I'd be able to find more than two, right? Assignment for today: find more than two. I'm halfway through the first 28-row repeat (I think I'm actually about to start row 17)... and it's starting to resemble a shawl. I've decided that if I run out of yarn for the edge, I'm not going to worry about tracking down the same dye lot or whatever: I'll just try to find the same stuff in a nice, pretty-goes-with color: light blue or, preferably, light green.

2. The HPII scarf hit a snag, of sorts. That third skein of sport-weight Red Hart "Vermillion" that I was certain I had? It's a skein of worsted "Cardinal". While the switch-off might work if I wasn't in the middle of a major red section... I don't think it's gonna work now. I think I've hit "take out last twenty-two rows, use that for the fringe on the other end, switch down two sizes of needle, recommence knitting with new color - that's really the same, it's just a different weight". It's either that, or attempt to find a probably nonexistent skein of yarn in the Craft Room. *shudder*

3. Need to figure out which of the knitting projects I've already started (and actually plan to finish) will be the carryaround for the next little bit. While I really like the LOTV Shawl, I MUST have 15 uninterrupted minutes to be certain I finish a set of rows... which even with my commute, means I'm getting about eight rows total a day. It just goes faster if I'm not on a train!

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