Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year's Resolution: Blog!

OK, so, I have been knitting a lot. And stitching. And crocheting. So it's darned well time to start putting things on this blog. Turns out there's an app for that, and things I can do on my phone are much more likely to happen than those I cannot.

So, first finishes of 2016: Four of Melissa Poon's "Winter Warmers". The pattern is free on Ravelry. The fifth (first?) Warmer was my last project &!finish of 2015; it was done on size 19 US needles; the rest on size 35 (19 mm). 

I recommend this pattern if you need a quick gift; one takes me 2h of TV knitting now! 
Yes, I did two red ones. The one above is mine (the first one I did), it's a deeper red than the one below, which is my mom's.

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