Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Visit to the Yarn Basket

Hopped into the Yarn Basket in Annapolis, MD yesterday. ( 

It's a pretty little shop, on the small side. The yarns are organized by color - very pretty, but can make getting four of the same yarn in different colorways more challenging than I'm used to. The owner is friendly and knows her stuff, and, like me, is an escapee from the business world.

The shop models are GORGEOUS, and for sale if you want to buy. (I almost got the Phoenix Wing.) Regular Hiya Hiya circs and Brittany hooks (and a small notions assortment) are in a side nook. 

She offers finishing services to customers (blocking, sweater assembly), and small repairs. Reasonable requests only - bringing in three bags of half-finished sweaters - NO. 

On to what I bought!

My mom gave me some cash in case I spotted something she'd like. I got two colorways of EuroBaby Maypole for ponchalettes: 

Then, there was a colorways of Olympia we don't have, so yay, another hat for me:

I don't know why we didn't get this, I may special-order a bag.

Then... Fox Paws. As it turns out, I was using two different weights of yarn in my first attempt. The first repeat went ok... the second, not so much.  So I totally has to buy yarn. The Viking Nordlys came in 5 colors, 4 of which will be Fox Paws.

It's a nice little single-spun, pleasant to work with, and the color changes should make a pretty thing. I'm doing the full 121-st cast on this time, fingers crossed!

So, if you're in Annapolis, it's worth dropping by the Yarn Basket! 

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