Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fox Paws

So, there's Xandy Peter's "Fox Paws". (Ravelry link)

It's not easy. Counting pretty much every  stitch every other row is critical. Frogging is a bear. After the first two days, I finished one pattern repeat:

Two days later, I'm here:

That's halfway through a pattern repeat. The SECOND pattern repeat. The odds of getting through a pattern row at work are bad. The odds of getting through rows 4, 6 or 8 on the first try are improving, but still not good.

Stephanie Pearl McPhee explains it best: "I think I know now what Fox Paws wants. It wants to be alone with me. With just a cup of tea, and no distractions, and nothing that could interrupt our time together. It wants me to say “SSSSHHHHHH!!!!!!!” to any member of my family that tries to screw me up by saying really inconsiderate things, like “Hi”.  It doesn’t like the TV. It’s not sure about Audiobooks. It doesn’t care for the cat." (read her whole post here)

Fox Paws: one of the "most intense" patterns on Ravelry for a REASON.

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