Monday, June 29, 2015

And now, the yarn...

Here's a bunch of photos of all the yarn I got, with the exception of some HPKY from Nature's Yarns and some blue/green fuzzy stuff from Uniquities, both which will shortly appear in projects. Because now that I have all this yarn, I really need to use it!!

Photo explanations:

Top - Day One haul, 6 stores visited. Owl shawl pin, safety eyes, magazine, calendar, pen and crochet thread from Yarn Cloud. Elvgren buttons from Looped. Patterns & cloth from In Stitches. Needles & cute pins from Second Story Knits. Stitch markers from Wool Winders.

Photos 2-7, yarn obtained from: Aylin's; Aylin's; Looped; Fibre Space; Uniquities; Uniquities; Nature's Yarns

#8 - already showed you this one, the haul from Second Story Knits

Bottom - the aftermath of getting all this yarn wound.

That's it for this year's Metro Yarn Crawl. If you're local, you really need to do it next year, it's lots of fun!

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