Monday, July 6, 2015

Fall of Leaves

So, I do still actually finish things. I started this in May, put it down, and then finished it in about a week at the end of June. I absolutely love the way it came out!
Yarn: Done Roving Transitions, and about 1/3 ball of Shalimar Breathless
Needles: size 8 Signatures (which is why I needed the extra yarn, it's MUCH larger than the pattern expects it to be!)
Pattern: Fall of Leaves by The Knitting Vortex (available on Ravelry, free, here).

Blocked this sucker out pretty harshly to get the size I wanted (butt coverage is key):



I think this is the best shot I have of the colors:

It was a fun knit; pretty challenging until I got the hang of it, and I love the result!

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