Monday, May 12, 2014

Almost a Mizzle!

The current shawl in the bag (well, one of several going, but this is the one I can currently find) is Patricia Clift Martin's "Mizzle" [Rav link]. I have a couple of balls of the fingering-weight Freia, as I love the it's-just-one-long-color-run of it. This particular pattern seemed to be a good fit for it (yay, Ravelry search for "shawls+I only have x yards of yarn to play with"!).

I've made it past the last eyelet ridge, and am on row 10 of an alleged 28 for the edging. I may or may not have quite enough yarn for all 28 rows, but stopping a few rows short will still give me a lovely shawl. And I should have a photo of it done and blocking before *too* long!

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