Friday, April 18, 2014

Starting to Quilt Again

Last month, I discovered a new quilt store in Fairfax: The Quilter's Studio on Main Street. I went a few times, just to look at the pretty, then fell prey to a Moda charm pack, "April Showers":

I managed to lose all my templates in my house (naturally), so I made a 60-degree diamond. Hooray for protractors! More yay that I was actually able to find my protractor!

So, I had a template, so I cut out all the pieces. (All of them.)

Then I started piecing by hand. As I have a hate/hate relationship with my sewing machine, I tend to hand piece and hand quilt unless forced to do otherwise. (Yes, that happens.) I was able to eyeball my seams darned well, thankyouverymuch.

And then the ironing.

Now it's a case of assembling all the blocks into one giant thing. And then figuring out how to attach the batting and backing to something with really weird edges. And then I get to quilt it all...

... or stuff it in the bin with my other two finished quilt tops and hope they somehow transform into quilts on their own.

Yeah, that last option is probably closer to what will actually happen. But maybe not, we'll see!


  1. That is amazing - I'm so jealous!! I've always wanted to have the ability/un-laziness to quilt!

  2. So will you have to make the batting and backing fit in with the zig-zaggy edge? Could you add a bunch of little isosceles triangles to make it a rectangle? (Sorry if this is stupid or against quilting rules, I've never quilted before!)

  3. If I have enough fabric, then I'll have half-hexagons filling in the edge (I have enough... I hope!). Otherwise, yep, it'll be one giant adventure in cutting batting into really strange shapes!!


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