Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Please pretend this post happened yesterday.

Okay, Monday, take two.

Sunday before last, I went to the Homespun Yarn Party up in Savage Mill, Maryland. IT WAS AWESOME. I wanted to do this whole thing with "here's what it looked like; here's a booth... and look, I bought THAT skein of yarn!" but I got so "omg, I have to edit & mark all these pictures and make sure I credit them properly and stuff"... and I totally missed my Monday post deadline. (Which, in case you were wondering, is 6am or so.)

So, instead, a non-fancy bunch of photos I took!

First, getting to Savage Mill was a snap; getting parking was NOT. My husband eventually dropped me near the front gate and took off for Parts Unknown. I went inside... and OMG PEOPLE. There was a line that went the entire length of the building!!

Seriously, couldn't even see the DOOR to the greatroom from where I came in. OTOH, there was a great jazz band in the open restaraunt, so at least there was good music for the wait. And wait we did - even though the line was moving quickly, it took about half an hour to get down the hallway. Luckily, the end was soon in sight:

Much to my delight and surprise, there were House Cuppers (HPKCHC) all over the place, so I got to see people about six weeks before I'd expected to do so at MDSW. Then - HUGE CROWDED ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE AND YARN!! Eeeeeeeee! So exciting, really it was. The energy was great! My first stop (as planned) was Natasha, aka Unplanned Peacock Studio.

I got a skein of Tabby, but in a different weight than I had for my hat and cowl before (see this post). You can see the skein I got in the photo... it's in the middle cube on the right, on the left side of the cube but one column to the right... um... two down from the top there's a kinda orangey-black skein poking out? That's Mine!!

I then hit Snallygaster Fibers and got two Monster Skeins of ACTUAL FLOURESCENT YARN. This will turn into the most eyeblinding Nordic sweater EVER. I'm debating whether to offset the flourescents with black, which would make it easier to look at... but I probably won't.

I also got a rainbow skein from Wandering Wool:

See the rainbow one in the back row, second from left, with the red on the outside? Also Mine!!

I also picked up some pins (because PINS), and added them to my Cup Cozy of Pins:

And then, on the way out, there was a giant chair.

Really, really, giant chair. I added the ball of North Country Sock from Wandering Wool for scale:

That wee little ball on that there chair is my new shawl, seen here on LAST Monday.

Anyway, it was really cool, and I'm sorry you didn't get the really cool adventure in yarn I had planned in my head, but here are the photos, and you kinda get the idea that Hey, There Was Yarn And It Was Cool.

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