Friday, February 21, 2014

So, Mom almost stole my green-and-orange scarf (seen here). As (a) I like this scarf, (b) it's MINE and (c) it's 8' long, which is a bit much for her tiny frame, I needed to get her one of her own. Luckily, the stash coughed up this about five minutes after I had the idea:

In about 8h of marathon Project Runway All-Stars catching-up, and completely wihtout her knowledge (which is NIGH IMPOSSIBLE, but I did it!), I managed to make this:

I also managed to wrap it up so it's not identifiable. I think this will be, perhaps, the sixth present I've managed to give her in my *entire* life that she hasn't managed to accidentally find/see beforehand!

(PS, she loves it.)

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  1. She wants a hood added onto it (that would be warm). Found the yarn over the weekend, and it may be a Mother's Day present?


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