Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Patterns? We Don't Need No Stitchin' Patterns!

Your anniversary is fast approaching. You want to get something that Means Something... so what do you do?

1.     Think of something that the two of you say once in a while (the sillier the better, as reading it will bring a smile). Okay, I was in a last-minute panic, as I couldn't think of ANYTHING. While at a S'n'B on a Friday night (the project in question being needed two days hence), the internet coughed up this little gem (for which the Lovely L is entirely responsible, as she'd just asked me if I'd seen a chart of the design anywhere - serendipity):

2.     Start stitching. The friend hosting was able to scrounge up spare thread and fabric (and a needle). This is what I had by the end of the evening.

3.     Keep goining. By staying up absurdly late after I got home after the S'n'B, I was able to get this far:

4.     Finish up. And Saturday night, after he was asleep, I was able to finish up.

5.     Frame. Because I'm that sort of person, I had a mat that just happened to work well in the house; a black frame has since been added.

*Phew!!* Luckily, it did indeed Mean Something, and he liked it. Yay!

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