Monday, March 25, 2013

About those socks...

Yeah, so, not only was I TWO BALLS of yarn short to actually finish a pair of socks, I was also dramatically short on time.

This is sock #1, which is about 2.5 balls of yarn into the project. (I had four balls of Kroy; I need six, apparently. Thankfully the SECOND A.C. Moore I hit today had it, phew!)

Will finish, they'll be lovely, but OMB second sock syndrome will be trying to strike me down!


  1. You could start a new trend, toeless socks! They'll be the new fingerless gloves!

  2. They are beautiful! Did you finish them? ::crossing fingers and toes::

  3. They're still not quite done... I had to frog the one in the picture, the instep just didn't fit quite right. The first one IS finished, though, and I'm halfway through the cuff of the second one. (The cuffs have 2x the stitches as the entire rest of the sock, so once the cuff is done, it goes very fast.)

    Hoping to have them done for his birthday THIS year!


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