Monday, September 10, 2012

September Sunshine

So, the little Zauberwolle cowl/scarf is coming along nicely, and it picked up a name thanks to this photo: "September Sunshine."

I am now understanding that despite my use of size 6 needles, this is really shawl yarn, and knitting a scarf with it is slightly insane. But it sure is going to be pretty...

Here's the photo I grabbed Friday morning. I liked it enough that it's up on my DeviantArt account as a print - mostly so I can buy a glossy (if I don't get around to printing it out myself). It's not photoshopped or mucked with in any way (but for about 1/8 inch cropped off the bottom), and I really like the shadows and the almost-too-intense sunshine. It almost looks like the yarnball is floating... and it's the only time I've actually been able to SEE that there are two colors of yarn in this yarn. Anyway, I like the photo.

Yay, pretty September Sunshine!

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  1. Happy, happy September sunshine, for sure! It really is a nice photo! I'm ready to see some of your tatting, too!


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