Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Metro Yarn Crawl, Part 2D: Yarn Cloud

The final stop on this year's crawl was Yarn Cloud in Occoquan, VA. As it was now around 2pm, we found the traffic:

Luckily, we were only stop-n-go for about 20 minutes. (We took the back way home, too.) Finally, we got there. Mom, of course, found parking within 50ft of the front door on a Sunday afternoon. (If you've ever done a historic district on Sunday afternoon...)

Yarn Cloud has the best collection of needle tatting stuff anywhere, so I got some of that. And a set of crochet hooks. And a Skeino (the autumnal one in the right pic, in fact). And buttons. And put myself on the list for the 2016 Men in Knits calendar.

And, based on the photo, some square knitting needles, and a hat. The little Yarn Cloud notions bag & pen were freebies.

I decided to put my passport in for the Yarn Cloud basket. 8 stamps from stores I don't work at:

I got a call from Robyn that evening that I'd won one of the door prizes, too! Will try to pick that up tomorrow. Yay!

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