Monday, April 11, 2016

Metro Yarn Crawl, Part 2B: WoolWinders

The second last-day-of-Crawl stop was WoolWinders in Rockville, MD. It's just a quick hop down from Boyds, and mom pulled her usual "let's park right in front!" (As usual, there was a perfectly legal space just waiting for her. Parkma is a legit superpower.)

(WoolWinders, the view from the car, left.)

They've moved things - and gosh, look at the pics from last year:

Yeah. Even the front sign is different! (I bet they were told to get a new sign by whoever manages the complex to make everything more uniform or something, because the old one was cute.)


Different color scheme on the walls (I love the little yarn-and-needles border), things moved around a bit, more light in the corners for seeing the pretty yarn.

What I found there:

3 Hedgehog Fibers mini skeins, a MadTosh Unicorn Tail, a (hopefully) shatterproof/less fragile yarn dispenser, and the Mason-Dixon Knitting coloring book.


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